Home Smart home.

Your home is never late for technology. Sentient’s tech adds sense to your home even if it’s as old as a castle. Well, If it’s a new home, you’ll not regret letting us in.

Your Home is wherever you are

With Sentient, you are never far away from home. Every switch, every appliance and every room is right at your fingertips. With Sentient’s in-home devices and out-of-home technology, you are in control of your home from anywhere in the world.

Be Aware

Sentient’s smart security features bundled within the in-home devices allows you be aware of unwarranted activities in and around your home which in turn enables you to keep track of the most valuable things in your life. Speaking of tracking, our technology helps you save the planet by saving a lot of energy.

Turn your Home Sentient

We're not here to break
your ceilings, walls or flooring.

Wireless technology.

Convert your home into
a smart home withing minutes.

Save on energy bills,
Save the planet

Affordable luxury.

All Sentient products are made with a fine sense of look, feel, utility and longevity. Our high lifestyle products have been designed with class and it’s affordable without quality compromise.

In-home devices

Our in-house devices are crucial elements that converts your home into a smart home. We have lifestyle and security devices which can be viewed here.

Out of house Tech

Sentient app is a technology that enables your home to travel with you in your pockets and pouches. A light interface, sturdy spine and rock-solid performance will make you trip.

Look around.

Feel free to explore the site and get friends with our products.
Pre-order and release dates will be announced asap.

Welcome home.